Sociocultural Ecologies in Education: Exploring Creative Commons Practices through a Kristevan Milieu

Potential Abstract: This research article investigates the intersection of sociocultural ecologies and Creative Commons practices within educational settings, drawing on the theoretical framework of Julia Kristeva’s notion of the “milieu.” By examining how various sociocultural factors influence the adoption and implementation of Creative Commons licenses in educational contexts, this study aims to shed light on the complex interplay between culture, society, and educational practices. Through a qualitative case study approach, data was collected from a diverse sample of educators and students to explore their perceptions and experiences with utilizing Creative Commons materials. The findings reveal the intricate dynamics of sociocultural influences on the use of open educational resources and the implications for fostering a more collaborative and inclusive educational environment. This research contributes to the growing body of literature on open education and provides insights into the potential of Creative Commons practices to transform traditional educational practices within diverse sociocultural contexts.

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