Unpacking Complex Networks: Multivoiced Perspectives on Cognitive Biases in Educational Research Methods

Potential Abstract: This study delves into the intricate interplay of complex networks and cognitive biases within educational research methods through a multivoiced lens. By adopting a transdisciplinary approach, we explore how cognitive biases shape data collection, analysis, and interpretation processes in educational research. Drawing on insights from artificial intelligence and education, we investigate the implications of these biases on the validity and reliability of research findings. Our study introduces a novel framework that integrates network theory with cognitive psychology to uncover the underlying mechanisms influencing researchers’ decision-making processes. Through the analysis of case studies and empirical data, we illuminate the various ways in which cognitive biases manifest within the research process and offer strategies to mitigate their impact. Additionally, we highlight the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives and voices in research design and interpretation to foster a more comprehensive understanding of complex phenomena in education. This research contributes to advancing methodological rigor and reflexivity in educational research by shedding light on the often overlooked influence of cognitive biases within complex research networks.

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