Dynamic Epistemologies in Transnational Conversations about Learning Science

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the dynamic nature of epistemologies in transnational conversations surrounding the learning of science. Drawing on the intersection of artificial intelligence and education, this study examines how individuals’ beliefs about knowledge and learning evolve and adapt through cross-cultural interactions and exchanges. By employing a qualitative research design, data was collected through interviews and observations of students and educators engaged in collaborative learning activities across international borders. The analysis reveals the complexities and nuances of epistemological shifts that occur when individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds come together to discuss and engage with scientific concepts. Findings suggest that these dynamic epistemologies are shaped by a range of factors, including language differences, socio-cultural influences, and cognitive processes. The implications of these findings for educational practice and policy are discussed, highlighting the importance of fostering a pluralistic understanding of knowledge construction and learning within a global context.

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