Examining Mediated Practices in Commons-Based Peer Production: An Empirical Study of Schema Development

Potential Abstract:
This study investigates the mediated practices within commons-based peer production communities and their impact on schema development. Commons-based peer production has emerged as a collaborative model for creating and sharing digital content, relying on the collective intelligence and efforts of contributors. However, the ways in which individuals engage with these platforms and the influence of mediated practices on the development of cognitive schemas remain underexplored. Through an empirical examination, this research delves into the interaction between mediated practices, such as communication norms, incentive structures, and community dynamics, and the construction and evolution of schemas among participants. By analyzing data from multiple commons-based peer production platforms, this study aims to uncover patterns and mechanisms that shape individuals’ cognitive frameworks as they engage in collaborative content creation. The findings provide insights into the cognitive processes involved in commons-based peer production and contribute to our understanding of how mediated practices influence schema development in online collaborative environments.

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