Navigating Experiential Politics: A Portal to Conservative Conversations in Education

Potential Abstract: This research paper explores the intersection of experiential learning and political ideologies within the realm of education. Drawing on a mixed-methods approach, we investigate how conservative perspectives are engaged with and integrated into experiential education practices. By examining the ways in which a digital portal can serve as a platform for facilitating conservative conversations in educational settings, we aim to understand the dynamics of political discourse and knowledge construction within experiential learning environments. Our findings highlight the challenges and opportunities presented by incorporating diverse political viewpoints in educational experiences, shedding light on the complexities that arise when navigating ideological differences in the learning process. Through in-depth interviews, surveys, and content analysis, we uncover the strategies employed by educators and students to foster meaningful dialogues and promote critical thinking across political divides. This study contributes to the ongoing dialogue on political diversity in education and offers insights into the potential of experiential learning as a tool for engaging with conservative perspectives.

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