Leveraging GitHub for Objectives-based Constructivist Learning: A Phenomenological Research Method Approach

Potential Abstract: This study explores the integration of GitHub, a web-based version control system commonly used in software development, as a platform for facilitating objectives-based constructivist learning in educational settings. The research employs a phenomenological research method to investigate how GitHub can support student collaboration, reflection, and critical thinking in the context of project-based learning. The study also examines the impact of using GitHub on students’ engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. Data collection methods include interviews, observations, and artifact analysis to gain insights into the experiences and perceptions of students and educators participating in the learning activities. The findings suggest that leveraging GitHub in educational settings can enhance students’ understanding of complex concepts, promote active learning, and foster a sense of ownership and agency in their learning process. The study contributes to the growing body of research on the applications of technology in constructivist pedagogy and provides practical implications for educators looking to incorporate digital tools into their teaching practices.

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