Unpacking Genetic Variables in Learning Science: A Foucauldian Analysis of Causal Models

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: This research article delves into the intricate relationship between genetic variables and learning science through a Foucauldian lens, utilizing causal models as a framework for analysis. The study examines how genetic factors interact with environmental influences to shape learning outcomes in the field of science education. Drawing on Foucault’s notions of power, knowledge, and discipline, the research explores how genetic determinism and social constructs intertwine to impact student achievement in science education. By analyzing causal models that incorporate genetic variables, the study sheds light on the complex interplay between nature and nurture in shaping students’ scientific understanding and capabilities. Through a critical examination of existing research and data, this article contributes to the ongoing discourse on genetic influences in education and offers insights into how educators and policymakers can better support students in learning science.

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