Unveiling Techno-Social Hegemonies: A Heideggerian Analysis of Cryptocurrency Paradigms

Potential Abstract:
This research article investigates the interplay between techno-social hegemonies and cryptocurrency paradigms through a Heideggerian lens. Drawing on Heidegger’s philosophy of technology, we explore how the adoption and integration of cryptocurrency technologies within educational contexts shape power dynamics and influence social structures. By examining the underlying assumptions and implications of these techno-social systems, we aim to uncover the hidden power dynamics that govern and perpetuate hegemonic structures in the digital age. Through a critical analysis of various cryptocurrency platforms and their impact on educational practices, we highlight the ways in which technological innovations intersect with social structures to perpetuate or challenge existing power dynamics. By interrogating the philosophical underpinnings of these technologies and their broader implications for education, this study provides a nuanced understanding of the complex relationship between technology, power, and social change in educational settings.

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