Postmodern Interpersonal Ungrading Regime: Exploring the Role of Blockchain Technology in Education

Potential Abstract:
In the current era of education, the traditional grading system is often criticized for its lack of alignment with progressive pedagogical approaches and the diverse needs of students. This research paper delves into the concept of ungrading, which advocates for a more personalized and student-centered assessment system that moves away from traditional letter grades. Drawing on postmodern theories of education and the importance of interpersonal relationships in learning, this study explores the potential integration of blockchain technology to support the implementation of ungrading practices within educational institutions. By leveraging the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain, educators may be able to create a more flexible and equitable assessment system that values individual growth and fosters a deeper engagement with the learning process. Through an analysis of relevant literature and case studies, this paper seeks to illuminate the ways in which blockchain technology can be harnessed to disrupt traditional grading regimes and promote a more inclusive and empowering educational environment. By examining the intersection of ungrading, postmodern pedagogy, and blockchain technology, this research contributes to the ongoing discourse on innovative assessment practices and the reshaping of educational paradigms in the digital age.

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