Unpacking Activity-Theoretic Constructs: A Centered Approach to Research Methods in Cryptocurrency Education

Potential Abstract:
In recent years, the rise of cryptocurrency has presented a unique opportunity for educators to engage students in discussions on financial literacy, technology, and ethics. This research employs an activity-theoretic lens to investigate the underlying constructs that shape cryptocurrency education in formal academic settings. By centering our research method around activity theory, we aim to uncover the complex interactions between students, teachers, curriculum, and the broader socio-cultural context within which cryptocurrency education takes place. Through a qualitative case study approach, we analyze how different stakeholders perceive and engage with cryptocurrency education, and how these perceptions influence the design and implementation of instructional practices. Our findings reveal a rich tapestry of competing ideologies, power dynamics, and cultural norms that influence the ways in which cryptocurrency education is conceptualized and enacted in educational settings. By illuminating these underlying constructs, we seek to inform the development of more inclusive and effective pedagogical strategies for teaching about cryptocurrency in schools.

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