Fostering Anti-Racist Practices through Spheres of Learning: A Derridean Analysis of Conversations on GitHub

Potential Abstract: This research examines the potential of utilizing digital platforms, specifically GitHub, to cultivate anti-racist practices within educational spaces. Drawing on Derridean deconstruction as a theoretical framework, the study investigates how learning can be reimagined as interconnected spheres that intersect and interact through digital conversations. By analyzing the discourses and interactions on GitHub related to anti-racism, this study aims to uncover the ways in which these digital spaces can serve as sites for disrupting traditional power structures and fostering critical engagement with issues of race and equity. Through a qualitative analysis of online conversations and contributions, this research seeks to elucidate the ways in which anti-racist practices can be cultivated and sustained within digital learning environments. The findings of this study have implications for educators and educational researchers looking to leverage digital platforms for promoting anti-racist pedagogies and creating more inclusive and equitable learning spaces.

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