Reframing Authentic Learning in Education: Equities and Naive Perspectives through an AI-Enhanced Portal

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: As education moves towards more authentic and meaningful learning experiences, it is crucial to consider the equities and diverse perspectives that students bring into the classroom. This research article explores the potential of reframing authentic learning by leveraging an AI-enhanced portal to address the challenges associated with equities and naive perspectives. The study investigates how the integration of artificial intelligence technologies within an educational portal can support and enhance authentic learning experiences while promoting equity and addressing the limitations imposed by naive perspectives.

The research design adopts a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative data from interviews and focus groups with quantitative data from surveys and usage logs. The study involves a diverse sample of K-12 students from different socio-economic backgrounds and cultural contexts. The participants engage with the AI-enhanced portal, which provides personalized learning opportunities, feedback, and support based on individual needs and interests. Through this technology-mediated approach, the research aims to provide an inclusive and equitable learning environment that encourages a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives.

The findings of this study contribute to the field by highlighting the potential benefits of employing AI technologies to enhance authentic learning experiences. Moreover, the research sheds light on the challenges and opportunities associated with addressing equities and naive perspectives within the context of authentic learning. The insights gained from this study pave the way for developing pedagogical strategies and technological interventions that promote inclusive and equitable education.

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