Examining the Influence of Operant Discourses in Educational Data Mining: A Conservative Solution Perspective

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: This research article explores the intersection of operant discourses and educational data mining (EDM) with a focus on proposing conservative solutions for improving educational practices. The proliferation of digital learning environments and the availability of vast amounts of educational data have opened up new possibilities for understanding and improving student learning. However, the ways in which educational data are utilized and interpreted within different discourses can significantly impact the outcomes and implications of data-driven interventions. This study aims to critically examine the dominant discourses surrounding EDM and propose conservative approaches to address potential issues and limitations.

Drawing upon critical theory and discourse analysis, this research investigates the influence of various operant discourses in the field of EDM. By analyzing how different discourses shape the interpretation and application of educational data, we aim to uncover potential biases and assumptions that may arise in the context of EDM. Furthermore, this research explores the implications of these discourses for educational practitioners and policymakers and proposes conservative solutions that can help mitigate potential risks and enhance the ethical use of data in education.

The study employs a multi-method research design, incorporating qualitative analyses of scholarly articles, policy documents, and educational data mining practices. Interviews with educators, administrators, and policymakers will further enhance our understanding of the discursive practices and their impact on decision-making processes. The findings of this study will contribute to the broader discussion on the ethical implications of educational data mining and provide insights into how the field can adopt more conservative approaches.

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