Unpacking the Naive Nuance: Anti-Racist Theories and Distributed Ledger Technologies in Education

Potential Abstract:
In recent years, there has been a growing interest in addressing systemic racism within the educational system. Anti-racist theories offer valuable insights and strategies to challenge and dismantle oppressive structures and practices. Concurrently, the rise of distributed ledger technologies, such as blockchain, has sparked considerable attention due to their potential to enhance trust, transparency, and decentralization in various sectors. However, the application of these technologies in the educational context, particularly in relation to anti-racist theories, remains relatively underexplored.

This research article seeks to bridge the gap between anti-racist theories and distributed ledger technologies in education. It explores the potential of distributed ledger technologies to support anti-racist practices and address the complexities and nuances inherent in such theories. Drawing on existing literature and qualitative data, we examine the challenges and opportunities that arise when applying distributed ledger technologies through an anti-racist lens. Specifically, we investigate how distributed ledgers can contribute to the redistribution of power, facilitate collaboration, and enable accountability in anti-racist educational initiatives.

Through a critical examination of theoretical frameworks, case studies, and empirical evidence, we identify key considerations and best practices for leveraging distributed ledger technologies to advance anti-racist goals in education. Moreover, we highlight the importance of considering the inherent limitations and potential risks associated with these technologies, such as data privacy concerns and algorithmic biases, to ensure equitable and inclusive implementation.

This research contributes to the emerging field of educational technology and anti-racist pedagogy by shedding light on the intersection between distributed ledger technologies and anti-racist theories. By critically examining their potential synergy, we aim to inform educators, policymakers, and technology developers about the implications and possibilities of incorporating distributed ledger technologies to foster anti-racist practices in education.

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