Unanswered Questions at the Margins: Exploring the Economics of Open Hackathons in Education

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: This research article investigates the economics and potential educational impacts of open hackathons in the field of education. Hackathons, characterized as collaborative, time-constrained events that bring together diverse participants to solve complex problems, have gained popularity in various domains, including technology and entrepreneurship. However, their application and potential benefits in the education sector remain largely unexplored. By examining the economics of open hackathons, this study aims to shed light on their potential to address unanswered educational challenges, particularly those at the margins.

The article presents an in-depth exploration of the economic factors associated with open hackathons in education, including the costs and benefits for participants, organizers, and educational institutions. It examines the ways in which open hackathons can foster innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among participants, as well as their potential to create sustainable solutions for educational challenges. Additionally, the study investigates the mechanisms through which open hackathons can promote inclusivity and engage diverse stakeholders, including educators, students, policymakers, and community members.

To conduct this research, a mixed-methods approach will be employed, combining quantitative analysis of economic indicators such as costs, returns, and resource allocation, with qualitative data collected through interviews, surveys, and participant observations. The study will draw on a diverse range of open hackathon case studies from various educational settings, including K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and community-based learning initiatives.

The findings of this research will provide insights into the economic viability and potential educational impacts of open hackathons in education. By addressing unanswered questions surrounding the economics of open hackathons, this study aims to inform policymakers, educators, and educational institutions about the potential benefits and challenges of incorporating open hackathons into educational practice. The research also seeks to contribute to the existing literature on collaborative problem-solving and innovation in education, by exploring the unique features and economic dynamics of open hackathons.

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