Gamefied Politics: Exploring the Use of Jupyter Notebooks and Cloud Technologies for Naive Inference

Potential Abstract:
This research article investigates the potential of using Jupyter notebooks and cloud technologies to foster naive inference skills in the context of gamefied politics. With the increasing popularity of digital gaming and the prevalence of political misinformation, there is a need for innovative approaches that encourage critical thinking and analytical reasoning in the domain of politics. Leveraging gamefied elements, such as gamification and game-based learning, can offer engaging and interactive activities that promote political literacy and develop students’ inference abilities.

The study utilizes a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative data collection through interviews and observations with quantitative data analysis of students’ performance and engagement. Participants will include undergraduate students enrolled in a political science course at a large public university. The intervention will involve the integration of Jupyter notebooks, an interactive computational environment, and cloud technologies, which enable collaborative and remote access to the learning materials.

Through the implementation of gamefied activities, students will engage in simulated political scenarios, where they need to analyze and make informed decisions based on available data. The Jupyter notebooks will serve as tools for students to explore datasets, extract relevant information, and apply data-driven reasoning to draw conclusions. The cloud technologies will facilitate real-time collaboration and enable students to share their findings and engage in discussions with peers.

This research aims to investigate the effectiveness of gamefied politics in fostering naive inference skills and enhancing political literacy. The study will examine the impact of the intervention on students’ critical thinking abilities, their understanding of political information, and their ability to make informed judgments. Additionally, the study will explore students’ perceptions and experiences with gamefied politics, including their engagement, motivation, and perceived relevance of the activities.

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