Unpacking Contested Experiential Discourses: A Virtual Currency Perspective using Directed Acyclic Graphs

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: This research article investigates the complex interplay between experiential discourses and the use of virtual currency in educational settings, utilizing directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) as a methodological tool. The study aims to explore the contested nature of these discourses and how they shape the implementation and outcomes of virtual currency systems in education.

Virtual currencies have gained significant attention in recent years as a means to enhance learning experiences and engagement in educational contexts. However, the literature remains limited in its understanding of how the discourses surrounding experiential learning influence the design, implementation, and effectiveness of virtual currency systems. This study fills this gap by employing a qualitative approach to analyze the multifaceted interactions and power dynamics involved in the use of virtual currency.

Drawing on theories of discourse analysis and socio-cultural perspectives on learning, this study investigates how different stakeholders negotiate, challenge, and legitimize various experiential discourses related to virtual currency in educational environments. The research explores the discursive struggles that emerge when implementing virtual currency systems, as well as the implications of these struggles for pedagogical practices and student outcomes.

To systematically analyze these discourses, the study employs directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), a visual representation tool that allows for the identification of causal relationships and dependencies among different elements. By using DAGs, the research aims to reveal the underlying structures and dynamics that shape the implementation and impact of virtual currency systems.

The findings of this study have important implications for policymakers, educators, and designers of virtual currency systems in educational contexts. By uncovering the contested nature of experiential discourses surrounding virtual currency, this research sheds light on the factors that contribute to successful implementation and adoption of these systems. Additionally, the study provides insights into how virtual currency can be effectively integrated into educational practices to enhance learning experiences and student engagement.

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