The Politics of Connectivist Learning in the Neoliberal Metaverse: Examining Collective Knowledge Construction

Potential Abstract:
This research study explores the complex interplay between connectivist learning, politics, and the neoliberal metaverse, with a particular focus on collective knowledge construction. As technology continues to shape educational practices, understanding the political dimensions and implications of connectivism within the metaverse becomes crucial for educators, policymakers, and researchers. This study aims to investigate how connectivist learning in the metaverse is influenced by neoliberal ideologies, and how this impacts the construction of collective knowledge.

Drawing on theoretical frameworks from connectivism, critical pedagogy, and the political economy of education, this research employs a mixed-methods approach. The study will involve analyzing existing literature, conducting interviews with educators and learners, and examining online learning platforms within the metaverse. By adopting a critical lens, the research will shed light on the power dynamics, inequalities, and social structures that shape connectivist learning experiences.

The findings of this research will contribute to the existing literature on connectivist learning, politics, and the metaverse. By examining the neoliberal influences on collective knowledge construction, this study aims to inform educational practitioners and policymakers about the potential challenges and opportunities associated with connectivist learning within the metaverse. Furthermore, the study seeks to illuminate how power dynamics impact learners’ agency, social interactions, and the distribution of knowledge in online learning environments.

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