Unpacking Social Narratives through Artificial Intelligence: An Expansion of Heideggerian Perspectives

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the intersection of social narratives, artificial intelligence (AI), and Heideggerian philosophies within the field of education. Drawing on Heidegger’s notion of being-with-others and the significance of narratives in shaping our social interactions, this study investigates how AI technologies can be utilized to expand our understanding of social narratives in educational settings.

In recent years, AI has become increasingly prevalent in educational contexts, offering new possibilities for analyzing and interpreting complex data. However, the potential of AI to unravel the intricate dynamics of social narratives has received limited attention. By integrating Heideggerian insights, which emphasize the role of narratives in our shared experiences and sense-making, this research aims to bridge the gap between AI technology and the understanding of social narratives in education.

The study employs a qualitative, interpretive approach, utilizing AI algorithms to analyze textual and visual data of social narratives collected from educational settings. By employing AI techniques such as natural language processing and sentiment analysis, the study aims to uncover patterns, themes, and underlying dynamics within social narratives. This exploration seeks to shed light on how individuals construct and navigate social narratives, and how these narratives influence their educational experiences.

The findings of this study have implications for both research and practice in education. By leveraging AI technologies, educators and researchers can gain deeper insights into the complexities of social narratives, enabling them to design more contextually relevant interventions and support systems. Additionally, the Heideggerian lens provides a philosophical framework to critically reflect on the ethical implications of employing AI in educational contexts, including issues of privacy, power dynamics, and social justice.

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