Understanding the Impact of Genetic Politics on Educational Portals: A Levinasian Perspective on Schema Development

Potential Abstract:
This research article examines the influence of genetic politics on educational portals through a Levinasian lens, with a specific focus on schema development. Genetic politics refers to the political and socio-cultural factors that shape individuals’ genetic makeup, while educational portals encompass the digital platforms and tools used in educational settings. Drawing on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, this study explores the ethical dimensions of schema development within educational portals and investigates how genetic politics interplay with educational practices.

The study aims to shed light on the complex relationship between genetic politics, educational portals, and schema development, by considering the ethical implications and potential consequences. By adopting a Levinasian perspective, the research investigates how individuals’ genetic backgrounds shape their experiences within educational portals, and how these experiences, in turn, influence the development of schema. Levinas’ philosophy offers a unique framework for understanding the ethical dimensions of educational practices, emphasizing the responsibility of educational institutions to foster inclusive and equitable learning environments.

The research methodology involves a comprehensive literature review, encompassing interdisciplinary perspectives from the fields of genetics, education, and philosophy. By synthesizing existing scholarship, this study aims to identify gaps and generate new insights into the intersection of genetic politics, educational portals, and schema development. Furthermore, this research will explore potential strategies and interventions to address the ethical challenges arising from the impact of genetic politics on educational practices.

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