Leveraging Connectivist Voices to Promote Learning in an Engineered Economics Classroom: A GitHub-based Approach

Potential Abstract: This study investigates the implementation of a connectivist learning approach in an engineered economics classroom, using GitHub as a technological platform. Connectivism emphasizes the importance of networks, connections, and knowledge construction through interactions with others and digital tools. GitHub, a web-based version control system widely used in software development, offers a unique opportunity for students to collaborate, share, and learn from each other’s work. This research aims to explore the impact of a connectivist learning environment facilitated by GitHub on students’ engagement, learning outcomes, and perceptions of the learning experience.

The study employs a mixed-methods research design, incorporating qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. The participants will be undergraduate students enrolled in an introductory economics course at a large public university. The experimental group will engage in a semester-long project facilitated by GitHub, while the control group will follow a traditional lecture-based format. Data will be collected through pre and post surveys, focus group interviews, observation notes, and analysis of students’ repository contributions on GitHub.

The analysis will examine differences in students’ engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes between the experimental and control groups. Qualitative data will be analyzed using thematic analysis techniques to identify themes related to students’ experiences within the connectivist learning environment. Quantitative data will be analyzed using appropriate statistical methods to investigate the effect of the learning approach on students’ learning outcomes.

This research contributes to the existing literature by providing empirical evidence on the effectiveness of a connectivist learning approach in an engineered economics classroom. It sheds light on the potential benefits of using GitHub as a platform for collaborative learning in the field of economics education. The findings will inform educators, instructional designers, and policymakers on the integration of connectivist principles and technology tools to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes in economics education.

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