Unanswered Questions in Personalized Scoring: A Perspective from Educational Data Mining

Potential Abstract:
This research article presents a comprehensive exploration of personalized scoring in education from the perspective of educational data mining. While the concept of personalized scoring has gained considerable attention in recent years, there are still many unanswered questions about its effectiveness and implementation. This study aims to bridge this gap in knowledge by examining the current state of personalized scoring, identifying key challenges, and proposing potential solutions based on insights derived from educational data mining.

The article begins by providing an overview of personalized scoring and its significance in educational contexts. It highlights the potential benefits of personalized scoring, such as promoting individualized learning and enhancing student engagement. However, it also acknowledges the complex nature of personalized scoring, which involves the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data.

To address the unanswered questions surrounding personalized scoring, this study employs educational data mining techniques to analyze existing research and identify common themes and patterns. By conducting a systematic literature review, the article synthesizes the current knowledge on personalized scoring, examining its various applications, methodologies, and outcomes.

Based on the analysis of the literature, several key challenges in personalized scoring emerge. These challenges include the need for effective data collection and assessment methods, the development of robust algorithms for personalization, and the ethical considerations associated with data privacy and security. The article delves into each challenge, discussing the underlying issues and proposing potential solutions.

In conclusion, this research article sheds light on the current state of personalized scoring in education and provides a comprehensive perspective from the field of educational data mining. By addressing the unanswered questions and challenges, this study contributes to the ongoing discourse on personalized scoring and offers insights for educators, researchers, and policymakers. It emphasizes the importance of leveraging educational data mining techniques to enhance the effectiveness and ethical implementation of personalized scoring.

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