Unraveling Complex Learning Spheres: The Impact of Hackathons on Disruptive Inference in Education

Potential Abstract:
Hackathons have emerged as a prominent platform for fostering innovation and problem-solving across various domains. In the realm of education, these events hold the potential to revolutionize traditional teaching practices and empower educators and students alike. This study examines the role of hackathons in fostering disruptive inference, a cognitive process that enables individuals to generate creative solutions by challenging and reimagining existing educational paradigms. Through an exploration of the complex interplay between hackathons and education, this research aims to shed light on the effectiveness of hackathons as a catalyst for disruptive educational practices.

Using a mixed-methods approach, this study investigates the experiences and perceptions of educators, students, and industry professionals who have participated in hackathons with an educational focus. Quantitative data will be collected through surveys administered before and after hackathon events, measuring participants’ perceptions of the impact of hackathons on their own disruptive inference skills and their views on the wider potential of hackathons in education. Qualitative data will be gathered through interviews and focus groups, delving into participants’ experiences and eliciting a nuanced understanding of the factors that contribute to or hinder the development of disruptive inference during hackathons.

The study also examines the contextual factors that influence the success of hackathons in fostering disruptive inference. This includes exploring the role of collaboration, technology integration, and the ability to navigate complex problem spaces within the hackathon environment. Additionally, the study investigates the potential of hackathons to bridge the gap between academia and industry, facilitating the transfer of innovative educational practices into mainstream educational settings.

Through its examination of hackathons as a means to stimulate disruptive inference in education, this research contributes to a deeper understanding of how hackathons can be leveraged to promote transformative practices within educational contexts. By illuminating the potential benefits and challenges associated with hackathons, this study aims to provide educators, policymakers, and researchers with valuable insights and practical guidance for utilizing hackathons as a tool for educational innovation.

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