Analyzing the Impact of Neoliberal Market Forces on Race-based Educational Disparities using Cloud Technologies and Jupyter Notebooks

Potential Abstract:
This research study examines the influence of neoliberal market forces on race-based educational disparities by leveraging the potential of cloud technologies and Jupyter notebooks. The pervasive impact of race in educational outcomes has long been a pressing issue, and understanding the role of neoliberal market forces in exacerbating or ameliorating these disparities is of paramount importance. By employing statistical analysis techniques and utilizing cloud technologies, this study aims to shed light on the complex relationship between race, neoliberalism, and educational outcomes.

The research methodology involves collecting and analyzing statistical data from diverse sources, including national surveys, administrative records, and online educational platforms. Jupyter notebooks are utilized to facilitate data cleaning, exploration, visualization, and modeling, enabling a transparent and reproducible research process. The use of cloud technologies allows for efficient and scalable data storage, processing, and collaboration.

The findings of this study have implications for policymakers, educators, and researchers interested in addressing race-based educational disparities within a neoliberal context. By identifying the specific mechanisms through which neoliberal market forces impact racial disparities in education, this research aims to inform evidence-based interventions and policy reforms that promote equity and social justice.

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